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Some Traders Make Unbelievable Mistakes when Trading Forex

Traders, especially new ones think that someone out there knows where the market is going. And that at any given moment that super wise man knows everything. But that wise man doesn't exist. Even the most profitable traders still have losing trades, and still get it wrong. So attempting to just copy one's trades is not really possible and will not work in the long term. Plus, it doesn't help the new trader learn anything and develop their own skills.

Traders Make Mistakes When Trading Forex

Traders tend to make all kinds of mistakes when trading forex. One such mistake is relying too much on momentum based indicators which give forex signals. These signals may be okay to use from time to time, but they never question the big picture. As the same indicators may be giving an opposite signal on another time frame. Traders tend to focus too much on their profit objectives and meeting their weekly profit targets, as if they working for a boss who puts them to work under weekly deadline pressure. Forex in general and forex exchange rates don't care about deadlines and weekly schedules. Rather they care about economic developments that impact import-export channels, and the state of the economy in every country involved. Another common mistake in trading, is relying too much on so called experts, or people of older age. While experience does accumulate with age, some young traders are actually more skilful than older traders. And definitely more skilful than old traders who have a lot of money and trade with little exposure, trading only convenient, easy trends in the market. But many young traders tend not to dare question an older guy's opinion so they are willing to blindly trade on that opinion. Trading forex is about experience but not necessarily age, or size of trading account. The young can beat the older and better financed trader as long as they are careful in handling risk.


Traders can always find amazingly good opportunities on which to profit. But the extraordinarily insightful investor does not exist so as to repeat his trades. So traders have to look for new opportunities on their own, and as with the trends seen on the above chart, you always get the so-called wise and old, experienced traders divided on opinion. But only a small percentage of them really have the foresight to know.

Two Big Mistakes are Having a Small Trading Account or Abusing Excessive Leverage

The use of either excessive undiversified leverage or a trading account that is too small exposes the trader to the reality of the market risk. Many traders often make accurate market calls, their prediction is right. And yet they end up losing money because their trading accounts cannot withstand the margins required for just 2 days of adverse market movement. They cannot meet margin calls in time, and the trades are liquidated at an unnecessary loss! The global forex currency converter mechanism does not care about one's small trading account. And yet that very person may actually be right on market direction only to find out they cannot afford to trade the move properly. So trading forex with sufficient funds and diversification, and with appropriate stop-loss orders, is all essential to implementing a trading strategy.

Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss. Trading FX/CFDs involves a significant level of risk and you may lose all of your invested capital. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved.