Enjoy Xtrade's Unique Welcome Package

Login to Xtrade Trading Platform's cashier. Choose 'First Deposit Bonus' and click Deposit. The bonus is allocated according to the deposit made in the following volumes:

First Deposit Amount Bonus Level Get Up To
$100 - $249 20% $50
$250 - $499 30% $150
$500 - $999 40% $400
$1,000 - $1,999 50% $1,000
$2,000 - $3,499 60% $2,100
$3,500 - $4,999 60% $3,000
$5,000 - $9,999 60% $6,000
$10,000+ Customized

* The bonus amount will be added to your account once you have traded the required number of XPoints (Trader Points).

  • Every instrument gives different XPoints (Trader Points) per amount traded – click here to see the complete table of instruments.
  • One Deposit Bonus per household, according to IP address.
  • The Bonus expires 30 days after the deposit date, if required XPoints were not reached.

Verify your phone and receive a free $20 CASH bonus.

  1. 1Login to your account.
  2. 2Select Account Options > Phone Verification.
  3. 3Submit valid phone number, enter code received by SMS and receive your instant cash bonus.

*The bonus is available once per phone number. It is generated and assigned to you by entering a code received by SMS.

*Cash bonus is credited to your equity and can be used for trade. To redeem it, you are required to reach 300 XPoints within 30 days.

Every instrument gives different XPoints (trader points) per amount traded.

Open your first deal with Xtrade and we will cover it.

If you make a profit, it's yours.

If not - we will refund the loss up to $120 CASH bonus*.

Promotion is subject to Terms and Conditions.

This offer is valid only upon making your first deposit and for the following 10 days.

Bonus given is 100% of any loss occurred in the first trade opened within the promotion period, up to $120, and according to the following rules:

First Deposit Amount Get Up To
$50 - $99 $10
$100 - $999 $30
$1000 - $4999 $60
$5000 + $120

The bonus is calculated only against a closed deal's negative profit.

The CASH bonus will be credited to your equity, and can be used for trade.

To redeem it, you are required to reach a release volume of XPoints within the bonus released duration time frame.

To better control your trading status, we recommend setting your first trade with our advanced "stop loss" feature, setting it to your max. available bonus as in the table below.

Verify Your Account and receive a free $30 CASH bonus.

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